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Great selection of Antique Religious Statues

Great selection of Antique Religious Statues

Do you wish for a sense of calm, peace and a positive vibe in your home? Religious statues are the perfect medium for bringing in such positivity. Apart from being great for the overall wellbeing of a home, the antique statues also bring in the right dose of drama and mystery and will look quite elegant.

A Fine Collection of Animal Curios

Animal Curios consist of the body parts of living animals that are collected and preserved. These are those which were once part of a living animal’s body, such as a rabbit's foot, a black-cat bone, or a rattlesnake rattle. These are usually stuffed and turned into pieces that are decorative.

Here at Wild Boar curios in Stroud we offer an unusual collection including unusual lighting like extra large filament bulbs and novel table lamps, taxidery items such as skulls, horns and stuffed animals and birds, animal jewellery, butterflies, religious artifax such as crucifix and wall plaques, paintings and much more. If you do not find what you are looking for we offer a bespoke foraging service where we can usually find whatever you are looking for. Try us!